Monday, July 6, 2009


Bath is beautiful. I love it here. Leaving Oxford was really hard...i contemplated just staying there a second night. But i really want to see off to the train station the three of us went.
Yesterday Hailey and I couldn't find the boys (who had woken up much much earlier then us to go buy pens) so we went shopping and had a cup of coffee at the starbucks on the corner of the street. Every Italian between the age of 10-16 was in Oxford that day! The British literally had all Italian tourists. After i met up with Tully, Hailey went to go on a tour, and we (tully and I) went off to lay in the grass outside of Christ's Church University. There were kids playing cricket on the lawn, a band playing, the sun shineing, and the breeze blowing. It was a great relaxing day. After a couple hours of chilling (which i now realize i sorely miss....the next time you decide to travel make sure you give yourself a day of rest) Tully and I headed over to Eagle and Child Pub where, as i said before, Lewis and Tolkien sat. Hailey was to meet us there. Tully and I had a the best fish and chips ever! (chips ps are french fries here). When Hailey came back she had an Irish boy with here. He was here studying and had decided to come to Bath with us! He did chicken out at the train station but it was fun to meet him all the same.

We had to take two trains and a bus to get to Bath. I was realy irritated until i stepped out of the train station in Bath onto her streets. Like i said before this is a beautiful city. Tully, Hailey, and I set out for our hostel which we knew was 1 mile away. Thinking we are tough stuff we decide to walk. What we didn't know is that the hostel is more than 1 mile and is on the top of the tallest hill in Bath. Needless to say my butt and thigh musceles are still sore from that hike. (walking with all your luggage is not fun). The hostel is cute. Cuter on the outside then inside but that's alright. I slep the best i have thus far, last night. There were no loud parties going on outside the hostel window, there was a nice bed and covers. All was well. There were a few mosquitos but who cares.

In an hour i am meeting up with Hailey and Tully and we are going to see Stonehedge. This has been on my bucket list for a very very long time. I tried to upload pictures to this blog but it looks like its not oging to sorry. Tonight and the next night i will be sleeping at Best Western in London. Hopefully they will have internet. If not then i will have to track some down in Paris. There we (Hailey, Tully, Taylor, and I) are all meeting up with two other girls Becca and Sarah. Matt the fifth member of our crew left us yesterday for Brussels but will be meeting up with us in Paris. Currently Taylor is in London by himself waiting for Hailey, Tully, and I. Since London is my least favorite place we have been i might just sleep alot of the day so i can be fresh for Paris. We'll see i guess. Have a fantastic evening and i hope to write to you all soon!!!!

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