Saturday, July 4, 2009

I was rereading my last post and i do believe that is the worst grammatical job i have ever done. Pretty awful...i do apologize. Since i havn't been able to get to a computer in such a long time I was a little panicy that the internet would time out or poop out and all that writing would go down the drain....this has happened to me before.

I was really really hoping to talk to someone in my family via facebook chat but no luck. When i'm home everyone gets on facebook...but it seems they have all decided to quit...then again they might just skip going on in the middle of the day. I think that is around right with the time change. Here it is midnight. I am really tired but am a little afraid i might not be able to sleep. This beautiful hostel that i was so gung ho about before is now a rocking sleeping house. What i didn't notice before...during the daylight hours was the four night clubs directly underneath this hostel. It is so hot outside that to close the windows would be certain B.O. death. One needs a certain amount of oxygen to live. (daddie i havn't had one asthma attack but i have excercised everyday...its almost like doing intermuruals!) The people in england never sleep. Oxford coupling a university town and a tourist attraction makes it a 24 hour crowd. Of course all those cute english students i saw sitting on the sides of the street, on benches, reading are now tucked away some where on the outside of the town. And as for me? Why i'll be sleeping in a bunk that will rock me to sleep to the beat of beyonce. They have no original music. All American. Lady Ga ga seems to be their favorite. The night life is really not for me. I don't need to go experience this to know it i can experience it from my hostel by the level of noise. The things these idiots yell are the stupidest thing i have ever heard.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Bath. I am exstatic to see Stonehedge but maybe after that i will sleep. I'm feeling a bit sleep deprived. Here is the vicious cycle. First is the traveling across many times zones. Then you add the excitment of being in a historical place that holds so much knowledge even if you did site see all evening you could never see it all. Then you have the whole sleeping in a different place each evening. Then there is the heat. All in all i am almost used to it. I have adjusted to the time zones....i know this because i have started to get very tired in the morning and very awake in the late afternoon. This may be due to the Coffee ( which by the way mom my traveling

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