Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Avalon House DUblin

I thought the adventure would never start...but silly me all i had to do was step foot in the sea tac airport and walla! My flight was canceled and three lines later i was off to san francisco where i then ran around like a chick with my head cut off trying to find the right terminal. Stupid airport is shaped like a U with the international terminals at each end! Anyway my flight mates were first the oldest gay couple i have ever seen that acted more like junior high girls then adults. Then I sat by a lovely family who's three year old decided to to scream NO NO!! over and over till i to wante to scream NO! I almost missed my flight to san fransisco becuase i wasn't payin attention...
But on the bright side I am here! I was so excited when we landed that i giggled the whole way out of the terminal. I think the passport guy was a little creeped out.

My first day in Dublin started with being lost on the bus....walking up and down the streets till i realized that i was walking right past my hostel over and over. Then Taylor took me to the park which is BEAUTIFUL! Then to Trinity college. I tried to take an afternoon nap but after you havn't slept for so long it is hard to start...your afraid you'll miss somehting fun.

Daddie I am happy to report that i did what you told me and went to church. Saint Patricks Cathedral service just this afternoon.

Momma i ate real dubliner cheese...it wasn't as good.

Seth everything here is green. It's like it rained green and Irelnad came out.

Jon I have kept to my word and not talked to any interesting Irish people!

Adam. YOu'd love all the accents. TOday on the bus this guy asked me if i was from the west side of the US. I said ya why and he said he could tell from my accent!!!! We have accents...who knew!

I love you all! It's hard for me to know when to call but i'll figure it out and be talking to you soon.

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  1. oh Laura! i am so excited for you!!! sounds like some exciting travel experiences :)

    we have accents? lol ;) can't wait to keep hearing from you! Hi to Taylor as well!