Saturday, June 27, 2009

two more days

They are all there...all the friends i'm backpacking with. Taylor has been there for a couple days. Hailey and Tully just arrived and Matt is in the air! As i went through my normal, american, saturday morning it was hard for me to picture that for 52 days i will be in europe. I've gone through the excitement of the adventure and lows of leaving home for so long. I want to thank you for praying for me while i'm over there!

I am ALMOST done listening to Dr. Davis's lectures for the trip. Just three more hours to go. I really want to avoid bringing the lectures on the plane because i want to sleep and listen to music. I wonder if anyone interesting will be on the plane? Perhaps a writer, on her way to her villa on the coast of Ireland to write her next fairy novel. Or how about a performer who plays a leprechaun! I really really want to avoid watching those plane movies. Who wants to watch those anyway. Actually what i probably will be doing on the plane is studying for the LSAT. Yes, i'm bringing study material for the LSAT....a students got to do what a students got to do.

There are very few details i still need to get together. I still need to put a playlist on my ipod and charge it. I still need to put my schedule outline out for my family and friends. Yesterday I took care of applications for jobs next year. Next year might be more of an adventure then either of the other two years before! I have my rent in for my house and pretty much have my furniture lined up.

WOW! i am going to miss you chelsey! I hope you end up going to walla walla so i can see you when i get back. Thank you for all your advice on traveling.

Ashley!!! I can't wait to see you in Paris De Gall airport. Don't forget not to move. I'll find you! Lol. It is a grown up version of hide and seek. I guess we are like private investigators....trying to find one another?

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