Tuesday, June 16, 2009

pre trip jitters

June 16, 2009 11:59 pm

In 12 days i will be in Dublin IR. I am both extremely excited and a bit nervous. I can't imagine what i'll be doing....well I guess eating, sleeping, and seeing the sites are a given. But it is a europe for crying out loud! Will i love it?

I know the first thing i'm going to love. The accents. I'll be like a speck amongst the swirling jigsaw puzzle of accents! It helps that the first country i'll be in speaks english. It is going to be interesting to see how Ash and I do when we need to navigate italy....

I'm also looking forward to the hostels. All the blogs i have been reading have said that hostels are so much fun. You meet people from all around the world that are backpacking just like you! Although i have been warned that many hostels in europe have bed bugs.... If there are bed bugs in my bed there is a strong likelihood that i will not sleep the entire trip. All i hope is that if there are bed bugs then they stay out of sight and bite other americans...i'm sure they taste a lot better then me. I hope anyway.

I'm very excited to spend time with the first group; taylor, hailey, tully, and matt. We are all very different people but i think we balance each other out. It has been fun to have each of us plan different parts of the trip. Then there is chapter 2 with Dr. Davis and crew. I can't believe rodelio is coming!!!! Then the last part of the trip chapter 3 with ash. That should be the most adventurous. I hope christina and bekka find a way to make it over....we'll see i guess.

I have decided that i will wear dresses throughout all of europe. In fact that is all i am packing. I do not know whether this is the smartest decision i have ever made or in fact the worst decision i have made. One thing is for sure i'm going to look good in all my pictures....

Oh europe what do you have in store? One fear i hope is not realized is my luck with public transportation. Every time i get on a bus it seems to go a different place then I had planned on going.

I guess we will see.

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  1. Can't wait to meet you in Ireland darling!