Sunday, June 28, 2009

where i will be

Chapter 1
june 29 fly out of seattle arrive in dublin 8:40 am
june 30 Dublin (probably a day in the country..possibly galaway)
july 1 Dublin
july 2 fly from dublin to london
july 3 London
july 4 Train from London to Oxford
july 5 train from Oxford to Bath
july 6 London (matt leaves our humble crew)
july 7 excursion to Brighton
july 8 chunnel from London to Paris meet up with Kaitlin and Bekka
july 9 paris
july 10 Paris
july 11 MEET UP WITH Dr. Davis!!!
chapter 2
I have no idea...i will be everywhere in France. Taking 10 credits.

chapter 3
ash arrives!
august 11 meet up with ash in the de gall airport in Paris
august 12 paris
august 13 Fly from paris to Rome
august 14 Rome
august 15 Rome
august 16 Rome
august 17 Train Rome to Florence
augsut 18 Florence
august 19 train from Florence to Venice
august 20 day in venice then off to Verona
august 21 Verona....train to Munich Germany
august 22 Munich
august 23 Munich
august 24 Day in Munich then flight from Munich to Dublin
august 25 Dublin
august 26 flight back to AMERICA!

August 27 Claire and Reece get married!!!!

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